Saturday, May 08, 2010

4 Years....

Okay, so no blog entry for 4 years. I moved to California and left off with an apprehensive post. I am happy to report that California and I fell in love. I was so happy there. I found a group of fantastic women to workout with every morning and reached a pinnacle of wellness and health. Each weekend was lived to its fullest exploring mountains, beaches, and cultural hotspots around LA and Orange County. It was truly an adventure and the time of my life.

About a year ago, I moved back to Texas from California. Our entire office relocated. The adjustment has been very difficut; however, I have a fantastic home and the family is doing great.

With any change, the move to Texas was a disaster for my weight. I gained about 71 pounds during the transition and the last year. It was horrible. My thyroid levels were out of whack and coupled with stress and depression, I really packed it on in record time. I have lost 50 of that back since December. And my goal is to lose another 51 pounds this year. So, almost halfway there.

I discovered I have a severe thyroid condition while I was in California. I went to the doctor because I was eating clean and working out 10 hours a week and could not get below 220 pounds. The tests at the doctor revealed that I have Hasimoto's Thyroiditis. Treatable, to an extent, but very difficult to get the "right" levels all the time.

Presently, I am beginning each day with a 1 hour workout, spending 15 minutes in meditation, eating clean, and doing 20 minutes of weights each day.


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