Saturday, August 21, 2010

8/21/2010 - over 1 month into nutrisystem...thoughts, impressions, reviews, photos.

I started Nutrisystem on July 19th. It was not anything that I have ever even considered, but when my mother-in-law brought me a month's worth of food, I figured I would give it a try.

When she brought me the box and we were going through all the food as she explained the program to me, I laughed at how disgusting the pizza looked. Turns out, that is one of my favorite things to eat (so versatile).

Summary of the first month:
Week 1
July 19th-July 25th
Weight: 247
Workouts completed: 5 1 hour workouts
breakfast: lowfat granola, orange cranberry pastry, apple strudel scone, blueberry muffin
lunch: chocolate PB bar, cheese tortellini, chocolate raspberry bar
dinner: pizza, lasagna (cheese), cheese ravioli

Surprised at how I am not hungry at all. Feeling very good that I can get all the veggies in I need to. Absolutely sick of carrots and celery.

Week 2
July 26th-August 1st
Weight: 240
Workouts completed: 4 1 hour workouts, 1 strength session
lunch: fudge graham bar, minestrone soup, split pea soup
Veggie fajita was weird and kinda gross, not really sure about bean curd in my food. Also, did not like the rice Risotto (also very weird with a very strong and unidentifiable taste). Started traveling on 7/31 and remaining 100% committed to the plan. Wanna see where this takes me.

Week 3
August 2nd-August 8th
Weight: traveling, unable to weigh-in
Workouts completed: 6 1 hour workouts
breakfast: lemon poppyseed muffin, chocolate chip pancakes
lunch: chicken and barley
dinner: chili w/beans

Found the diet pretty easy to stick to while traveling. The bars made it pretty convenient and then I would just find a clean salad or steamed veggie when with clients. Turned my pizza into a barbecue pizza one day and it was fantastic! Was working, but extended my trip and went to my mom's house in Washington. She had picked me up some food from a garage sale. I got to try some discontinue items. Here are some photos of the chocolate chip pancakes:

served with 1 T. of "free" cool whip and light Torani Caramel Sugar Free Syrup

Week 4

August 9th-August 15th
Weight: traveling, unable to weigh in
Workouts completed: 3 1 hour workouts
breakfast: blueberry pancakes
lunch: cajun chicken and rice w/sausage, black beans and rice
found message boards on and other people's blogs.
Weight on August 15th: 231
Down 16 pounds in 4 weeks!