Monday, November 01, 2010

11/1/2010 - Week 13-15 Weigh-in

Week 13-15

October 11th-October 31st

Weight: 218.8

Week 13-15 loss: 2.2lbs

Total for 15 weeks: 28.2 pounds

Workouts: Tons of workouts!
Challenges: Okay, there were challenges...4 weeks for only 2.2 pounds loss sucks. It is still half a pound a week. But with a zero in week 12 and 2.2 in week 13-15, my grand total for 4 weeks is 2.2 pounds!

So, I guess I can't say I was completely on plan. I didn't cheat, but I did have a stomach virus and couldn't eat for 3 days at all. Anything I ate, I barfed. So, even though I was on plan outside of that, I think it messed up my balance a bit (thyroid, fluid levels, etc.) But I am very, very happy to be under 220! 220 is my perpetual plateau. I think it may be my body's set-point. No matter what, it is the weight where my body usually hovers, so I am really glad to be under that number.

My focus is on adding intense weight training this week.

Joined "The Biggest Loser" contest at work! So, the competition is on!


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