Thursday, June 09, 2011

6/9/2011 - Mint and Chocolate Anyone????

Okay, I know this post doesn't look very CREATIVE, but mint and chocolate is a party in my mouth! Pure deliciousness. I love mint. I love chocolate. As far as dessert goes, Mint is a refreshing way to finish my day. So, here are 2 spins on the Chocolate Mint Thang that Nutrisystem has going on!

The first option is the Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar. It is really good and, even if it gets melted (often a problem in the summer,) it resets perfectly! So great and an excellent way to end the night.
Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar
The 2nd option is my very favorite dessert right now! It is the Peppermint Cookie Patty. I order 6-7 of these a month...they are just delicious! I will post a few pictures walking through the opening of this small dessert with a big bang! Seriously, it is not more than 2 inches in diameter, but it has a great flavor and doesn't taste like diet food at all. Compared to a York Peppermint Patty, I would say it is at least 5 times as good.

Another thing about mint is that most things don't taste good after you have mint in your mouth. I rarely crave anything after I eat this little treat!


There is one more option that I am not going to review today (I only have 1 left and want to save it!!)! It is called a Thin Mint Crisp Bar. I have had it once before and it is a minty bar with chocolate chips on top, more like a granola bar. Pretty good, but not something I order every month. But when I have it, I savor every morsel.

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