Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/12/2011 - Cherry Frozen Hot Cake!

This is a Nutrisystem discontinued item, but it is one that I was able to amount a stockpile of and that I often enjoy.

Not sure exactly why it was discontinued, but can speculate that it was either because it is was inconvenient (need a microwave) or maybe, as some of the boards suggest, there were transfats in the ingredients. I really have no clue, but I am happy that I have a little stockpile to enjoy and hear that there is a company who makes something very similar on www.dietdirect.com. Sold by Wonderslim and called Double Chocolate Cake. I have never had it, but several people on the Nutrisystem boards have touted its similarity to my fave...

So, anyways...here is the wrapper and two variations of what I do with it.

Make in microwave by dividing mix into 2 ramikins before microwaving for 1 minute.
Top with 1 serving (1/3 c.) of "No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling" and 2 T. of Free Cool Whip, Eat!! Enjoy!!  

Option 2: Make microwavable cake in 2 Ramikins in the Microwave, cool in freezer. Add 1 serving of Free Cool Whip and 1 Fruit serving of "No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling" and put back in freezer to firm up.



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