Monday, July 04, 2011

7/4/2011 - Spring into Summer!

Goals for the challenge:
1. Weight: Get under 200 pounds
2. Exercise: 1 hour of cardio 3x/week
3. Exercise: 1 hour of weight training 3x/week
4. Sleep: 8 hours of sleep 5x/week (I know...should be everynight, but we are taking baby steps here!)
5. Read 3 books/month (just to stay sane)
6. Give myself healthy rewards for each goal acheived!

It is hard to feel accomplished when I haven't lost as much as I would like, especially when I am sticking to plan and upping my workouts. But I do need to be more consistent with the cardio. I do have to be proud of my consistency and I am down overall! Yay!

Weight May 22: 216
1st weigh in May 29: 212.8 = 3.2lbs =1.48%
2nd weigh in June 5: 214.2 = +1.4 (this week) -1.8 (overall) = .83%
3rd weigh in June 12: no weigh in, traveling to funeral
4th weigh in June 19: no weigh in, traveling for work
5th weigh in June 26: no weigh in, on vacation (introduced mom to NS)
6th weigh in July 4: 212.2 = -2 (over the last 3 weeks) -3.8 overall =1.76%
7th weigh in July 10:
Final weigh in July 17:

Picture of me today, the 4th of July!!


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