Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/19/2010 - Hoarder

I put the "hoar" in "hoarder" or the "der"...either way, I am totally becoming a Nutrisystem Hoarder!!! I got my first month of food free from my mother-in-law, who had given up on the plan and just wanted it out of her house. Besides the celebrity endorsed commercials, I didn't really know much about the plan, but doubted a program where you could eat burgers and pancakes and lose tons of weight. After the first day, I was hooked. It was completely something I could do. The food was tasty, the weight was coming off, and for the first time in my life I wasn't starving! I immediately felt lighter on my feet and knew I wanted to ride out this weightloss success. Each day was a success, where I stuck to the plan and felt great. So, I investigated. I had seen the sale at Costco (big island featuring Dan Marino and Marie Osmond smiling in their weightloss glory), but thought the $300 was for 3 months; boy was I mistaken. . . It is about $300 a month! Being the sole bread-winner, I knew I could afford this, but certainly did not want to. I have growing teenagers who eat hundreds of dollars of food a week, and that is if I cut them off when they are grumpily unsatisfied, but have definitely received enough nutrition. What was a girl to do?

So, like all frugal people, I checked out Craigslist. To my surprise, there were several listings in my area. The first listing advertised 1 month's worth of food for $75. She stopped the program because she was pregnant. I drove to the lister's house and picked up the food. When I got home and started digging through the contents, it was way more than a month's worth of food. I have had several other successful craigslist transactions since the first one; most recently, I picked up 108 items for $80. I have also bought a few things on ebay and made trades and purchases through the support boards. My coat closet was full and I had no idea exactly what I had. Additionally, those closest to me tease me endlessly about my "black market food" saying that I meet people in dark alleys to get food that they purchased on stolen credit cards. Comments are often said like: "She buys FOOD on CRAIGSLIST!" Pointing at me and making the "loco" signal with their finger swirling their ear. I would be angry, but it is hilarious!

So, overwhelmed with food, I started to inventory my massive accumulations yesterday. I only have 2 boxes completely organized. 1 box slips under my bed and the other is in my bedroom closet. I tried to talk my husband into converting our formal living room into a "Nutrisystem Room" but he WAS NOT having it! He also TD'd the formal dining room and the office as alternate rooms. He is supportive in every other way and is pretty convinced as I approach the end of my 9th week that I am not in one of my phases. The 2 boxes that have been inventoried contain 190 items! 65 breakfasts, 104 lunches, and 21 dinners. I have barely scraped the surface of my inventory and have hundreds more items to sort and enter into my excel... I also have 8 weeks of food separated out by week. So, I guess I can take it easy, I will not be running out of food anytime soon. Hopefully I can eat it all before it turns. LOL. Der! 

MealHow many?Location
Nutriflakes11Box 3 
Apple Strudel Scone 10Box 3 
Lowfat Granola1Box 3 
Cluster Crunch15Box 3 
Nutricinnamon squares7Box 3 
Berries and Multigrain Flakes12Box 3 
Blueberry pancake mix3Box 3 
pancake mix3Box 3 
Apple Cinnamon Oats1Box 3 
Maple Oats1Box 3 
Nutrifrosted Crunch1Box 3 

MealHow many?Location
Black Beans & Rice4Box 1
Black Bean Tortilla4Box 1
Minestrone 6Box 1
Fettuccini Alfredo3Box 1
Pasta Parm w/Broc3Box 1
Split Pea1Box 1
Cheese Tortellini7Box 1
Chicken Noodle8Box 1 
Beans & Ham8Box 1
Minestrone 15Box 3 
Fettuccini Alfredo4Box 3 
Mexican Style Tortilla Soup1Box 3 
Black Bean Tortilla3Box 3 
Black Beans & Rice1Box 3 
Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes5Box 3 
Cheesy Cream of Brocolli Soup1Box 3 
Cheese Tortellini1Box 3 
Chicken Noodle2Box 3 
Noodles w/ Chicken4Box 3 
Beans & Ham10Box 3 
Chicken Catictorre2Box 3 
Creamy Tomato1Box 3 
Chicken Stew w/Barley1Box 3 
Pasta w/beef6Box 3 
Split Pea3Box 3 

MealHow many?Location
Mac & Cheese2Box 1
Hearty Beef Stew10Box 3 
Mac & Cheese2Box 3 
Mac & Cheese w/beef2Box 3 
3 cheese pasta w/ chicken1Box 3 
Chili with Beans4Box 3 


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