Saturday, September 04, 2010

9/4/2010 - Big Mac!

Okay, so....I made MY version of a Big Mac and fries today for lunch. I had to make some adjustments to the rest of the day to keep on plan, but it was a much needed burger and I was so full after eating 3/4 the burger and 1/2 the fries. I used my lunch protein for the 2nd patty. I skipped my snack protein. The fries are a stretch, but I did consider them as a veggie (butternut squash is supposed to be considered a carb).

My husband ate the leftovers and was shocked at how much this tasted like a big mac!

Ingredients for burger:
2 Nutrisystem Flamebroiled Patties
2 T. Fat Free Kraft Thousand Island Dressing
1 C. shredded lettuce
1 + 1/2 Sandwich Thin (Orowheat Whole Grain)
1 Fat Free Kraft Sharp Cheese

Instructions for burger:
1st - Prepare Patties
Soak patties in cold water for about 10-15 minutes. Then spray pam in a large skillet and cook burgers, flipping once, to desired heat, coloring, and burn. Set aside.

2nd - Prepare Bun
Lay out the bottom half of 2 buns and apply the salad dressing and split the lettuce between the two.

3rd - Build Your Burger
On one of the bottom halves, place the first beef patty.
Top with cheese.
Place the 2nd bottom half on top of the patty w/cheese.
Place 2nd patty. 
Top with 1 of the top halves of bun.  

Ingredients for fries:
Seasonings (I use Crushed Rosemary and light Cajun Salt)
1/2 medium butternut squash (peeled and chopped into fry-like wedges)

Instructions for fries:
Heat oven to 500 degrees.
Spray cookie sheet with Pam.
Spread out fries so that nothing is touching.
Add seasonings.
Spray fries again.
Bake for about 20-25 minutes, checking frequently -- You want them crispy, but not burnt.



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