Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20/2011 - Food Review, Southern Style Biscuit and Gravy

Nutrisystem Debuts its new Southern-Style Biscuits & Gravy!

My favorite biscuits and gravy are made from the Nutrisystem Pancake Mix in my Puff Pan. So, when I got this new item from Nutrisystem, I was excited to try it, but the bar was already pretty high because the puff pan biscuits are amazing!

The instructions are pretty extensive.

1. Measure ½ cup of hot water in a microwave-safe bowl; add gravy mix and stir until powder is dissolved. Let stand 5 minutes (prepare biscuit during this time). 2. Cover with a paper towel and microwave on HIGH (100% power) for 30 seconds. Stir. Cover and microwave for 30 seconds more. 3. Stir well and pour over the biscuit you prepared. (Microwave ovens vary; adjust time as needed.)
1. Pour biscuit mix into a small microwave-safe bowl; add 4 teaspoons of water and mix until dough forms. 2. Shape and cover with paper towel and microwave on HIGH (100% power) for 45 seconds; carefully lift paper towel to check for doneness. (Microwave ovens vary; adjust time as needed.)
Do not heat in a conventional oven.

What? Do not heat in the oven? What will a microwaved biscuit taste like? That is a lot of work for a biscuit, you might think. And you would be right. It is a lot of work. Definitely not a breakfast I can deal with while I am rushing around getting ready for work, but on the weekend, it could be worth the effort.

As far as the directions, I couldn't stir with 4 teaspoons, so I had to use 5 teaspoons. And when I covered the gravy with a napkin, the napkin fell in and absorbed quite a bit of the fluid (trust me, there was still enough to go around). Overall, as far as the flavor, it didn't taste like Mama's homebaked biscuits, but it was pretty yummy.

Formed biscuit after being nuked in the microwave.

Plated breakfast with 2 turkey sausage links as my protein and an apple.