Friday, April 08, 2011

4/8/2011 - Friday Fun Day Weigh-In!

So, relo recovery weigh-in time! Time to check-in on the weigh down, but first....let's look at some food!

This was my first experience with frozen food and also, French Toast is one of those favorites that I have been missing and made attempts to make on my own.

When I opened the package I have to admit that I was shocked that it was only 1 piece of toast. French toast is the type of food that should only be served in pairs, not unlike sausage links, eggs, pancakes, pieces of toast, tacos--okay, I digress....

So, I baked this in my toaster oven, added 2 Tablespoons of Free Cool Whip, some Sugar free Syrup and Raspberries. The baking gave the French Toast a nice crisp and there was a light vanilla flavor. It is absolutely delicious!! I loved it with the Fruit on top and served it with 2 turkey sausage links as my protein.

This will definitely top my list as one of my favorite breakfasts!!

The Chicken Fajita Melt...I cooked this baby up in the microwave and served with salad and celery (I am sure you can tell that) and had a Flame Broiled Beef Patty as my protein for lunch (it fits the requirements as long as you don't have the bread or add cheese!!) But back to the Chicken Fajita Melt, it was delicious, it tasted like a fajita, the bread was soft with a hint of sweetness, but this is definitely something I can eat at my desk while I am plugging away at work. FYI: Nutrisystem does NOT recommend eating while you work, so I do try to at least turn away from the computer monitor to scarf my lunch!

Do you think that the Salisbury Steak with Mac and Cheese looks good? I sure didn't.

The box looks okay, but certainly doesn't set profound expectations; but once it was cooking, everyone in my house was suddenly interested in Nutrisystem's new line of frozen meals. They all thought it smelled amazing. I can confirm, it IS amazing. The sauce for both the steak and the mac and cheese is thick and flavorful. If you like pepper, add it, but you this frozen entree is not lacking in flavor. I cannot wait to get my next one!!

Okay, the package doesn't oversell anything here. But if you love ice cream, you will love this dessert. I microwaved for 15 seconds and added a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips. It was really good and I can't wait to experiment more with fruit add ins!

So, how is the old scale doing? I can tell you that I was very surprised with I weighed in today at 210.6 pounds. It is a good number to post and I am happy to report it. Can't wait to keep going. And if you haven't read Nutrisystem's Daily Dose today, I found it very inspirational, "Spring it ON!"

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