Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Discovery Health! National Body Challenge


I did this last year and it really helped jumpstart my weightloss and learn new skills.

Registration is December 31st, see you there.


Well, I am moving to California. Who the hell elects a foreign actor as the governor? And he is a republican! In California! How scary is that?

Despite the political unrest, I think that this will be quite the adventure for me. I am thrilled about the new levels of outdoor fun I can have. Texas weather sucks!!

I am going from 2500 square feet to 1200. My apartment rent is $400 more than my mortgage. But I am still excited.

Diet Soda

There was an article in the newest issue of Women's Health that says that the sweetener in soda can make you more hungry. I have read several other things about soda as well; including that the bubbles stretch out your stomach - that goes for any carbonated beverage.

I hate when people get me going on sodas and how bad they are for you because I sound like a crazy person and it usually ends up with... but really, who thought about injecting gas into something we drink? How good can that really be for you, really?

A few other things I have read is that the acid and other ingredients in soft drinks deplete your body of vitamins and minerals. And that the acid also hurts the enzymes in your mouth that start the digestion process.

I don't know how much of this is true. If I were a scientist, I would test the effects on the carbonation, acidic properties, and overall chemical combination of sodas.

All I know is that I have lost over 110 pounds and whatever I am doing has worked for about a year. Now, does that mean that this one thing is the key? No, not really. But what it does mean is that it may be part of the combination.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Working It....

I got Yourself! Fitness Wednesday and worked out Wednesday for 45, Thursday for 45, and Friday for 30. I am soooo sore. I am going to the Christmas Party at work tonight and will probably drink (shots or Bloody Marys? hmmm) and if I drink, then I will dance and get in some cardio.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I guess I need to take some new pictures now. And it is 5:30, aka workout time!

November 2005 (some of these have already been shared here)

October 7th, 2005 in Seattle, not a very flattering picture

(Also, this photo was taken on my 2 year anniversary for not smoking).

Back to the Past July 2005

As you can tell, at this point I am getting less Camera shy. I traded in my Jeep and got a sweet new ride.

Back to the Past June 2005

Back to the Past!

Okay, so prior to the last 3 or 4 posts, we had gotten up to Jan 2005.

Let me continue. These are from March of 2005, I was travelling for work that month, the first one is in New York (on Canal Street, I think) and the next is in California. The one with the punk is at the race track in Santa Anita and the punk is my baby brother Nathan.

Biggest Loser

I was participating in a "biggest loser" contest at work. Each person put in $10 as an entry fee and the first prize got 70% of the money and second got 30% of the money. I lost 20 pounds throughout the 10 week duration and won $119.

With my prize money, I got Yourself! Fitness for PS2 (it was about $30 with shipping). I love this game. It is really not a game, it is a personal trainer. The only thing video gamey about it is that you have to 'earn' certain scenery by showing your committment to your plan. I did 30 minutes of Cardio and 15 of Yoga on Wednesday (we were iced in) and Thursday and I am so sore! Who says Yoga is for wimps? Well, I used to, but not anymore. I have also been riding my bike, last night I didn't, but the rest of the week I have put in my evening hour.

Since it was "the biggest loser" and it was in sync with the one on tv, I also ordered "The Biggest Loser" book and DVD workout from NBC. I guess it is backordered, but who would know since they have the worst customer service ever!

Old Picture!!

This picture is from December 2003, enjoy! I am on the far left.