Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27/2011-Stopping by!

On a road trip! Nutrisystem is always fun on a road trip. I consider the lunch bars treats! And when traveling I always have them for both breakfast and lunch with a side salad and 4 oz of, it really usually looks like big salad with chicken, iced tea and then the bar as a dessert. YUMMY! So, I flew from Charlotte to DFW and I am presently driving to San Antonio for a huge conference.

Everything is smooth with diet and exercise. Loving my program still! I am starting INSANITY workout program next week, super excited about that! A guy and I are competing % of weightloss using Insanity. I'll keep the results posted....I am sure to win with NS on my side!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/11 - Food Reviews and update!

So, I am living in Charlotte and visiting Texas right now. Weighed in at 208 today! So, I am down some weight!! Really happy, and as a "slow loser," you take what you can get. Most people on Nutrisystem lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week, but "slow losers" like me lose a little less, usually under a pound a week. There is a slow losers support group on That is one of my favorite things about Nutrisystem, there is a community of fellow people to bounce things off of and compare notes with. If you need to see if there is a good place to eat in your area, you can go to the Nutrisystem community. If you think there is something wrong with you or you want some to look at what you are eating because you are feeling insecure, there is a community of compadres at your fingertips.

So, it is so great to be reunited with my family. I go back to Charlotte on Tuesday and will be back in another 2 weeks. I am bringing the scale back to Charlotte with me and a few other things I forgot.

Food Reviews
Warmed in the microwave this is a pretty tasty treat. It is a bit dry, may need a little spray butter. I like to warm in the microwave and eat with a cup of coffee.

Yummy!!! This is as good (or even better) than a Nestle Crunch Bar. Definitely satisfies the sweet tooth.

Biscuits and Gravy! One of my very favorite breakfasts. Use regular NS Pancake Mix and stir in fat-free milk until it is barely wet. I actually usually use fat-free half and half and about 3T-4T. Then I drop into my puff pan. For the gravy, I use McCormick Gravy Mix. It serves 8, so I divide it into 8 servings from the get-go so I don't eat too much. Then, since I like some spice, I add cajun seasoning on top.

Blueberry Muffin! Need I say more? It is good, great with coffee, perfect when traveling. It is not my favorite muffin because I love the Double Chocolate Muffin. But this is really good.

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