Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/29/2011 - Returning From Vacation... with a bunch of inspiration...

So, I just returned from Seattle where I spent the week with my Mother...

When I was preparing my Nutrisystem for the trip, I asked Mom if she wanted to do the plan with me for the week. She said "sure." So....I loaded my suitcase with a week's worth of my favorite foods, in pairs, so we could eat the same entrees at each meal.

Doing the plan with my mom and seeing her success was such an inspiration. She was so inspired when it worked and worked quickly. She got familiar with the plan and all the little nuances and tricks. It was really great seeing it through her eyes, it reminded me of my first few days... Several times, she said, "I could not have lost weight today, I ate SO MUCH!!" And then the weight would be down the next day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

May be Mobile!!!


about to try the Peanut Butter & jelly bar. Melted in microwave for 15 seconds.

Friday, June 17, 2011

6/17/11 - Reward!!

When I need a special treat, I try to get a massage out of my husband or sneak off to take a hot bath...but sometimes, I get a Iced Tea from Starbucks!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14/2011 - Mexican Food at its BEST!

The *New* Frozen Chicken Enchilada is a HOMERUN for Nutrisystem. I love this meal. Ever heard of Wahoo's? If you have been on the West Coast, you know what I am talking about... if not, you should try it if you ever get the chance. Wahoo's is clean Cali-Mex food. The enchiladas and tacos have chucks of chicken breast meat. The sauces are clean, the cheese is natural. The new Chicken Enchilada through Nutrisystem has the same properties. Clean, natural, fresh food. My only complaint is that the beans are a little unusually sweet. Once I get my next one (ordered 1 this month and 6 for next month) I will try to find a way to get the "sweet" out. But this is an excellent meal! One of my very favorites!!

Side salad with salsa and Trader Joe's Cilantro Dressing. Yummy!


Thursday, June 09, 2011

6/9/2011 - Mint and Chocolate Anyone????

Okay, I know this post doesn't look very CREATIVE, but mint and chocolate is a party in my mouth! Pure deliciousness. I love mint. I love chocolate. As far as dessert goes, Mint is a refreshing way to finish my day. So, here are 2 spins on the Chocolate Mint Thang that Nutrisystem has going on!

The first option is the Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar. It is really good and, even if it gets melted (often a problem in the summer,) it resets perfectly! So great and an excellent way to end the night.
Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar
The 2nd option is my very favorite dessert right now! It is the Peppermint Cookie Patty. I order 6-7 of these a month...they are just delicious! I will post a few pictures walking through the opening of this small dessert with a big bang! Seriously, it is not more than 2 inches in diameter, but it has a great flavor and doesn't taste like diet food at all. Compared to a York Peppermint Patty, I would say it is at least 5 times as good.

Another thing about mint is that most things don't taste good after you have mint in your mouth. I rarely crave anything after I eat this little treat!


There is one more option that I am not going to review today (I only have 1 left and want to save it!!)! It is called a Thin Mint Crisp Bar. I have had it once before and it is a minty bar with chocolate chips on top, more like a granola bar. Pretty good, but not something I order every month. But when I have it, I savor every morsel.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

6/7/2011 - Want some Mushrooms with your Nutrisystem??

One of the coolest things about Nutrisystem, and I am sure I have said this before, is that it is as easy or as involved as I feel like making it. I can nuke and eat or I  can get creative with add-ins and recipes. Most the time, I prefer to nuke and eat. . . but when I get a hunger for delicious add-ins, there Nutrisystem is, ready to be the perfect palette for my artistic, delicious creativity.

A good base for most meals is stir-fried mushrooms, onions, green onions and peppers. Slice (or slap chop) and go!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fried Apples! Yummmmmmmm


apple: slap chopped, add vanilla and cinnamon, fry. Top with a serving of free whip and truvia

6/5/2011 - Spring into Summer! Week 2

Goals for the challenge:
1. Weight: Get under 200 pounds
2. Exercise: 1 hour of cardio 3x/week -----YAY!!!
3. Exercise: 1 hour of weight training 3x/week ----- only did 2 sessions
4. Sleep: 8 hours of sleep 5x/week (I know...should be everynight, but we are taking baby steps here!)
5/29: 8 hours of sleep ----- YAY!!!
5. Read 3 books/month (just to stay sane) - Read NOTHING!
6. Give myself healthy rewards for each goal acheived!

Weight May 22: 216
1st weigh in May 29: 212.8 = -3.2lbs =1.48%
2nd weigh in June 5: 214.2 = +1.4 (this week) -1.8 (overall) = .83%
So, I am super upset about these results. I was on my plan 100% of the time. It is upsetting, but at the same time, I have this thyroid thing and water retention. But I accomplished some huge goals. Got back in my exercise groove, had NO alcohol...and am really headed in the right direction. Very excited and know that the results will come.

3rd weigh in June 12:
4th weigh in June 19:
5th weigh in June 26:
6th weigh in July 3:
7th weigh in July 10:
Final weigh in July 17:

Saturday, June 04, 2011

6/4/2011 - Randomness! Gift to Myself!

I love my Toaster Oven! I ran the other one into the ground and since it is such a huge part of my Nutrisystem Plan, I invested in a new for $30 at Walmart.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

6/2/2011 - June is in the Air! Time for some Popcorn!

I have to admit, I only tried this because it is new. I was not expecting much and it was absolutely fabulous! I love love love it. Perfectly salty! It needs to be split in half and mixed with the Nutrichocolates and a few raisins or craisins. Just delicious! I'll have more in the next few weeks, but didn't get a picture of the food because I wooooofed it (as did my dog!).

Sampson wants to lose weight. He stuck his whole face in the bag trying to eat the popcorn dust. It was really good though!