Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/2010 - Week 9 Check-in

Week 9
September 13th-September 19th
Weight: 224
Week 9 loss: 1lb
Total for 9 weeks: 23 pounds
Workouts: 6 1 hour cardio workouts, 1 30 minutes toning workout

Favorites this week
Breakfast: Nothing new...made more pancake puffins (crabby puffins-pancake mix, water, crab, onions, and cheese; raspberry yogurt puffins-pancake mix, milk, yogurt, raspberry; ham & cheese puffins-pancake mix, milk, ham, cheese)
Lunch: Red Beans and Rice
Dinner: Beef Tacos
Snack: Microwave Chocolate Cake

Entering my 3rd month which has a reputation on all the Nutrisystem boards for being one of the more challenging. I have gotten used to the program and find it pretty easy. I can derail myself when I do too many add-ins. I was initially pretty disappointed in my 1 pound for this week, but am actually happy to be losing. My thyroid issue really makes it hard to lose an ounce! So, I am super excited!!

Goals in week 10 are to do 10 minutes of Sauna prior to each workout, complete at least 5 workouts this week, and eat good. I haven't cheated at all since I have been on this diet; but need to stay focused on just having the 3 add ins per day. The fat free half and half and the sugar free Davinci Syrup are 2 add-ins, not 1.


At 2:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds like a nice and healthy weight loss Rebecca! You seem to have a great plan in order and incredible determination to not only reach your goals, but also surpass them! Keep up the amazing work!!:)


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