Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/2010 - Week 10 Weigh-in!

Week 10
September 20th-September 27th
Weight: 222
Week 10 loss: 2lbs
Total for 10 weeks: 25 pounds
Workouts: 5 1 hour cardio workouts

Favorites this week
Breakfast: nothing new this week
Lunch: Trail Mix Bar - This is Amazing! Has a fantastic gooey coconut flavor, just delicious!
Dinner: nothing new this week
Snack: Buffalo Wing Pretzels, Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies - The Buffalo Wing Pretzels are a savory, salty snack. . . super delicious... a bit crumbly and not super filling, but very good. The Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies are numerous and delicious. They are sweet and there are just so many. MUST HAVE MORE!!!

Overall, my week in review is good. I am at 25 pounds down which is super exciting! I felt great this week and like everything was humming along, all coming together, like my body is finally a machine that is functioning well.  


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

Wow 25lbs down is amazing! You should be really proud of yourself.


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