Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown to 2011!! -- 16 days to go!

With 16 days left of 2010 (including today), I set foot on the soil of my future home for the first time this evening. First impressions? Well, hard to say because my flight was delayed several hours and then when we went to land, the pilot did 2 touch and goes before finally landing on the 3rd attempt. So, aside from flight trauma, North Carolina itself looked absolutely beautiful as I came in to land 3 times. The trees and the natural lakes are gorgeous. There is a sweet scent in the air and, because of the delayed flight, many people rescheduled and re-routed so I had an entire row to myself on the plane (some silver lining baby!!)

Food today? On point! Today is my son's 15th birthday, so before my flight I took him to breakfast. I ordered 3 poached eggs (ate only the whites,) had coffee, NS choc. chip scone and 1/2 banana. Lunch was on the plane and I had brought a baggie of sliced chicken, NS PB Bar, and tomato juice. Snack was chicken and 1/2 banana. Dinner was NS Raspberry Bar, scallops, tomato, onion, vinegar and oil. Dessert was Buffalo Wing Pretzels.

Walked for 2 miles! (NOT COUNTING THE AIRPORT!!)

Tomorrow, the entire day will be spent in the office.  


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