Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Countdown to 2011!! 24 Days to Go!

I was off today and sick. Sick as a dog! I have been suffering with various degrees of illness since the Sunday after Thanksgiving...not cool. Yesterday I went to work and had pink eye, today I stayed home and my eye was okay, but I was differing degrees of pale and pasty all day and could barely talk. Actually feeling okay, except now getting cramps and S T A R V I N G. But, mind over matter, right?

Today I tried Beef and Noodles in Teriyaki Sauce for the first time. It was really good, but it did have a bit of a sweet taste to it. I have another, next time I am going to brown some onions and mushrooms, add some crushed red peppers. I think it will j a z z it up quite a bit. It was pretty good though and I would definitely eat it again!!
Still in the package...

Plated, though I didn't do anything with it today...



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