Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Countdown to 2011 - 31 Days to Go!!

So, for the remainder of 2010, I am going to make a daily blog entry. This is an exciting time for me because, in addition to my journey to health, I have accepted a new position and will be relocating at the beginning of the year (from Fort Worth, Texas to Fort Mill, South Carolina--yep, my first time to live in a state with 2 words!).

At the beginning of 2010, I set a goal to lose 101 pounds for the year. My starting weight was 297 pounds. Right now, I weight 215 pounds...sitting at 82 pounds down so far for the year. 19 pounds in 31 days seems pretty out of the question, but I am going to do everything in my power to get as close to 101 pounds this year!

I started 2010 at 297 pounds and am presently at 215 pounds. Typing those numbers and reflecting on how far I have come is really great! All that work summarized in a few words. It is cool to be moving to...the new people who will make up the fabric of my community will not see where I have come from, they will not know that I was 80 pounds heavier (and at one point weighing in at 370 pounds) unless I choose to share that with them. I will have the freedom to just be me, not "that girl who lost a bunch of weight."

So, with 31 days left of 2010, I have some sort of cold/flu/throat illness. I had to take Nyquil last night and I was feeling pretty good as I fell asleep. My husband said I woke up in the middle of the night and belted out, "Go for the GOLD!!" Not sure what I was dreaming about, but seems like I was inspired in my sleep. 

Protein and fruit pancakes
Today, for breakfast, I made pancake mix with fat free half and half and topped with 1 serving (40 calories) of gravy. 1 serving of turkey sausage and 1/2 banana. For lunch, I had dinner! I ate the Beef Tacos, topped with salsa, 1 slice of tomato and cilantro. I didn't add a protein since it was a dinner entree. For my afternoon snack, I ate the other half of my banana mashed into protein pancakes (big train 1/4 cup with 2T. ff half and half) and 1 teaspoon chopped walnuts (see photo). Delicious! I haven't had dinner or my evening snack yet, but am either going to have soup or pot roast with veggies.. Then a small salad and some cookie dessert.


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