Thursday, December 02, 2010

Countdown to 2011 - 30 days to go!

As I embark on another big move, I keep reflecting on my time California and how incredibly happy I was there. I met some amazing people and had such a good routine. Things fell apart a little when I first got to Texas and have slowly come back together.

After I had been there a few months, I had a completely serendipitous meeting with an amazing woman named Noelle. I was taking some exercise classes at 24 hour fitness. I was really large (at lease 270 pounds), so had not taken a few of the more challenging classes out of fear that I wouldn't be able to do the moves. It was a Thursday and the regular instructor was not there, Noelle was there. Noelle said that they had all gone out the night before and a lot of them had gotten drunk, but Noelle is Japanese and has that allergy that a lot of Asian people have, so she didn't drink. The regular instructor was still drunk at 5:30 in the morning, so Noelle agreed to fill in.

I worked so hard in that class. I pushed myself and tried every move. Noelle introduced herself and suggested I should come to her boot camp class the next morning. I was pretty scared and said, "do you think I can do it? I am really big, I don't want to hold the class back." She said, "you should see how hard you are already working! You can totally rock the boot camp class! And if some of the moves are too difficult, I will give you some alternates." So I agreed to go to the class. I showed up the next morning filled with both excitement and fear. The class was as hard as I expected! But it was also really fun. Noelle kept her promise and gave me alternatives to the moves that I physically wasn't capable of doing.

I became a regular in her class. And after going for a few weeks, Noelle told me that she was about to stop teaching the bootcamp class at 24 hour fitness and would be opening her own bootcamp. She invited me to be one of her Guinea Pigs to try out different exercises and different formats for the class. I was so excited but knew that I couldn't afford it. I was new to California and definitely not accustomed to the expense of California Livin'. She told me not to worry about it, she wanted me in her class.

That bootcamp group; which I was part of until the day I moved became such an integral part of who I am to this day. It was first held in a park in Mission Viejo until it found its permanent home at Grand Park in Aliso Viejo. Grand park is BEAUTIFUL!! There is a stadium type area with fountains, walking trails and plenty of grassy hills...all manicured to the highest quality. A true treat in the heart of a conglomerate of shops.

The mornings in Grand Park are the foundation for every moment in my life. I was pushed beyond what I thought possible, challenged by everyone there, and came face to face with obstacles. I watched mountains burning, sun rises and shooting stars all while running up and down hills. I got yelled at by apartment dwellers, learned how to flirt with cops, and learned how to release things that were out of my control without any excuses. Every single day of my life, I am thankful for that serendipitous meeting with Noelle. I am so glad she saw something in me and taught me how to see that something in myself.

(Noelle's website:
I am in the green Dunder Mifflin t-shirt (back row, 1 from the left);
Noelle is in the front, white tank top


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