Thursday, September 30, 2010

9/30/2010 - Puff Pan!

So, I learned about the Puff Pan on the discussion boards. Many raved about the ease and variety of making these healthy Pancake Puffs. So, I had to have my own and couldn't wait to start trying my hand and creativity on these food creations. I have had my pan for a few weeks and have made several, a few that I have already posted on my blog. I am posting a few pictures of my Pancake Puffs  (which I have fondly grown to call "Puffins").

Crab Puffins: 1 Package NS
Pancake Mix, 2 oz. crab
meat (drained), 1T. green
onions, seasoning to taste,
skim milk
Bacon Cheese Puffins: 1T.
bacon bits,
1 Package NS Pancake Mix,
1T. fat free Cheese,
skim milk
Banana Nut Puffins: 1/2 banana,
mashed, 1 Package NS Pancake
Mix, 1t. vanilla, greek yogurt,
Skim milk 
Raspberry Cheesecake Puffins:
1 Package NS Pancake Mix, 2T. ff
Greek Yogurt w/1T. ff sf
cheesecake pudding powder
stirred in. While cooking, poke
1 raspberry in each puffin.

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