Thursday, March 03, 2011

3/3/11 - Welcome to March, FOOD!!!

So, I tried a new food today and am super excited! It is Chicken Tortilla Soup. The flavor is fantastic, perfectly spiced. You can taste the light cumin and other delicious flavors. I think this would be good even for the most delicate palette. I am not delicate when it comes to spices, so I added some jalapenos, some ff sour cream, and some green onions to round out the already robust taste.

I served this delicious dinner with roasted brussel sprouts (cut off the stems, cut in half, sprinked with balsamic vinegar, sprayed with PAM and baked at 500 until they looked good, which was about 20 minutes).

Had half a banana.

Dessert was a carrot cake, which is really yummy and hit the spot for the sweet tooth I had today. Great carrot cake flavor and nice icing...not quite cream cheesy, but definitely a nice fill in.

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